How Do I Fix My Bissell Vacuum Cleaner?

Known for their reliability, durability, and versatility, Bissell vacuum are great for apartments, condos, and homes. Bissell sells a variety of high quality upright, canister, and backpack vacuums that make it easier for homeowners with all sizes of properties, floor types, carpets and more keep their space clean. That said, damage can always happen to a hose, brush, or cord. In this article, we will discuss how to get replacement parts, where to go for repairs, and when to replace your vacuum. If you live in the Plymouth area and need help with a Bissell vacuum, give us a call for repair services and replacement parts. 

Why Is My Bissell Vacuum Cleaner Not Working?

There are many different reasons a vacuum cleaner might not be working. For example if the vacuum is not turning on at all it could be an issue with the outlet you are plugging into, the cord, or the motor. If the vacuum is turning on but not effectively cleaning the space, it could be an issue with the hoses, brushes, or another issue internally. You should troubleshoot what is causing the issue by identifying the issue and then looking for signs of wear and tear around your vacuum cleaner. If you can identify a specific part that is causing the problem, you can simply buy and replace the part from a local shop that carries Bissell parts. For example, as a Bissell vacuum cleaner seller in the Plymouth area, we carry replacement parts for a variety of vacuums and can sell them in person or ship them to you as needed. 

How Do I Get My Bissell Vacuum Cleaner Repaired?

There are two ways to approach repairing a vacuum cleaner: finding someone to do it, or doing it yourself. For simply solutions like replacing a brush, attachment, handle, or other easy to remove and replace part, you will probably want to do it yourself. We would recommend looking up the schematics for your Bissell vacuum as well as the user manual. By identifying the specific part you need to replace you can get the part shipped to you or pick it up at a local vacuum repair store and handle the replacement. However, if the problem is with something like the motor or significant damage to the interior of your vacuum you might want to see a professional repair company. They can ensure the problem is fixed and can use their own replacement parts. If you are looking at a local vacuum repair store in your area we would recommend calling ahead and explaining what vacuum you have as well as what the problem seems to be. They can let you know if they have the tools and equipment to help with your issue. 

Should I Just Replace My Bissell Vacuum?

One of the core benefits of a Bissell vacuum cleaner is that they are durable and versatile machines. Thanks to their attachments they can be used to clean a variety of floor types and carpeted areas. If you are thinking about replacing consider the following elements; 

  • Cleaning Needs: Consider if your vacuum is successfully meeting your cleaning needs for your property. For example, if you now have pets or kids you might need a bigger cleaning solution, or if you moved from an apartment to a larger home you might want something more maneuverable. 
  • Cost Difference: If you are replacing a motor or expensive parts you should consider the cost of replacement parts + repair services vs the cost of a brand-new vacuum. Just like with a car, fixing a vacuum to only get a few more years out of it isn’t as efficient as simply replacing it right now. If your vacuum repair job is on the expensive side and you estimate you will get a new vacuum soon anyway, you might just want to replace the vacuum now.  
  • Newer Features: Consider the features of other vacuums. If you could use something designed to handle upholstery or other floor types, you might want to consider upgrading. 

Bissell Vacuum Repair in Plymouth

If you are interested in getting a Bissell vacuum or getting replacement parts or repair services, come visit us at our location in Plymouth. Otherwise give us a call for more information regarding vacuum repair services.