A vacuum is a great investment for any homeowner. But no vacuum is made to last forever. At some point or another, you will have to make the decision between repairing your vacuum and replacing it. In this article, we will cover how long your vacuum should last, the factors that affect the lifespan of your vacuum, and how you can improve the lifespan of your vacuum cleaner with maintenance and cleanings. One way you can really help your vacuum is by having it repaired professionally, here in Plymouth, we provide vacuum repairs, parts, and cleaning services. 

How Long Do Vacuum Cleaners Last?

According to consumer reports the average vacuum cleaner lasts around 8 years. But there are many factors that will affect your vacuum’s lifespan. Some of these factors are completley within your control, while others are not so much. The most pressing factor in how long your vacuum lasts is what type of vacuum you buy. A cheaper vacuum cleaner you might get in college is more likely to break quicker and also provides a subpar cleaning experience. A vacuum cleaner, like many other appliances, is an investment. When shopping for a vacuum you should always look for a vacuum that is high-quality and durable. When looking for a vacuum you should read customer reviews to see how many people report that vacuum’s lifespan as being a positive factor in their buying process. 

Factors That Affect Vacuum Cleaner Lifespan

Aside from the brand and model of the vacuum you bought there are a various other factors that affect how a vacuum performs. Obviously, if you use your vacuum less often, it is likely not going to see as much wear and tear. Although leaving a vacuum in the bottom of a closet for long periods of time is also not great for keeping your vacuum cleaner working. Plus, that kind of defeats the purpose of buying the vacuum. Generally, you shouldn’t worry about how often you vacuum, but you should be aware of how much vacuuming you are doing in terms of how it can affect your vacuum’s performance. Routine cleaning of vacuum and maintenance, especially, if you use your vacuum frequently to clean large areas of your home, is recommended to keep your vacuum working.

How To Extend Your Vacuum Cleaner's Lifetime

The best way to keep your vacuum working is by using it properly, maintaining it regularly, and storing it correctly. When you use the vacuum avoid sucking up large or potentially damaging debris. Things that can rattle inside your vacuum can potentially damage it. When you are done vacuuming make sure to empty the bag and clean the vacuum. Always check your filters to make sure they are being taken care of as well. And when you store the vacuum make sure that it is not in a place where it is pinned under other larger heavier objects. 

Vacuum Repair/Replacement Services in Plymouth

Another way to keep your vacuum in tip-top shape is to have it cleaned and fixed regularly. If there is an issue with your vacuum that requires repairs, replacement parts, or a professional cleaning/disinfecting service, we would be happy to help. Give us a call today or come down to our location in Plymouth for more information.