Professional Carpet Cleaning vs DIY Carpet Cleaning

Cleaning your home has many benefits from having a great space to host family and friends to keeping your family happy and healthy throughout the year. While there are many different ways to keep your home clean, one of the best ways to improve your home is to clean your floors and carpets. Carpets especially can get dirty quickly. Tracked in dirt, pollen, and other outdoor debris, as well as dust and dander and odors can make your home feel, smell, and look dirtier than it is. In fact, there are many benefits to carpet cleaning including improved air quality, decreasing allergens and pollutants, and of course, making your home smell cleaner. But, when it comes to deep cleaning, do you need to hire a team to professionally steam clean your carpet, or is it something you can handle yourself? In this article, we will cover the pros & cons and costs of DIY carpet cleaning vs working with a team of professional carpet cleaners. 

Can You "Just" Vacuum Your Carpet, or Do You Need Deeper Cleaning?

First and foremost, let’s discuss the difference between deep cleaning carpets and regular cleaning. Routine carpet cleaning usually involves vacuuming. Daily or weekly vacuuming can keep things off of the surface of the carpet, but it won’t be able to handle stains, odors, or debris packed deeply into the carpet. What causes odors in a home is when oils attach to the carpet fibers. Additionally when small debris like crumbs or dirt slip between carpet fibers, it causing fraying over time. The best option is a deep cleaning method. In terms of deep cleaning options you can either hire a team that can shampoo or steam clean your carpet, or you can look into DIY deep cleaning options. 

How Can You Deep Clean Carpets Yourself?

If you do not want to hire someone to deep clean your carpet, you can look into carpet cleaning equipment that deep cleans. For example, extractors like the BG10 extractor from Bissell, are able to deep clean much more than a traditional vacuum cleaner. With the carpet cleaning solution and high suction power, they are able to remove dirt, debris, and oils from the carpet fibers. The BG10 can also be used for upholstery. However, one thing that stops many homeowners from using equipment like this is the cost. Businesses might own an extractor, but the price of this deep cleaning equipment might make it out of reach for the average homeowner or apartment renter. 

How Much Does Professional Carpet Cleaning Cost?

Professional carpet cleaning costs will vary for a variety of factors. The type of cleaning you have done (shampooing vs steam cleaning), the size of your space, the detergents used, and the going rates for your area can all influence how expensive it will be to have your home deep cleaned. That said, going with the lowest bid is often not the best idea. It is always better to hire the right team the first time, then needing to hire someone to complete the job the first team didn’t complete. This is another reason you might be inclined into DIY cleaning options. 

Should You Rent A Carpet Extractor?

If you do not want to pay for your own personal carpet extractor equipment, but you also are hesitant about paying a team for carpet cleaning either because their quote is very high or you are concerned about whether or not the job will be done right, you can look into renting a carpet extractor. Like with many outdoor home improvement tasks, there are vendors that provide daily rental rates for tools that homeowners don’t own. For example, here at Vacuum City we rent out our BG10 power extractors. If you use one of ours, we can also provide you with some how to tools to make sure you get the most out of our equipment. 

Rent A Carpet Extractor in Plymouth County

If you live in the Plymouth area and need a carpet extractor for your home or apartment, give us a call. We would be happy to discuss rates for our extractors as well as how to use them and get the most out of them.