Why Is There A Burning Smell When I Vacuum?

As you vacuum around your home you should always make sure you are using your equipment safely. For example if you notice a burning smell or see smoke near either your vacuum or an outlet, you should stop immediately, and start doing an inspection to find the root cause. In this article we will cover why you might smell burning, what smoke from your vacuum means, and the various things that could be causing a problem for your vacuum. If your vacuum needs repairs or needs to be replaced, give us a call. 

Why Does It Smell Like Burnt Rubber When I Vacuum?

Vacuums can get very very hot. The motor used to provide the suction for your vacuum is very powerful and like the motor in a car or a lawnmower it can get hot quickly if there is something wrong. Alternatively, your electrical system can also overheat. The first thing to consider is the source of the smell. If you notice scorch marks or burn marks near an outlet, it is likely your electrical system that is causing a problem. You should consider calling an electrician to help with an inspection to potential remove and replace a faulty outlet. 


However, if the smoke or smell is coming from the vacuum or only happens when you vacuum, it is likely being caused by an issue with the motor. Clogging debris in any part of your vacuum can cause airflow issues leading to overheating the motor. An issue with the brush roller or belt can also create a burning rubber smell. Wait for your vacuum to be cool, and investigate your belt, brush roller, motor and look for clogs. 

How Do I Fix A Clogged Vacuum?

If you notice a clog in your vacuum caused by debris that is stuck, you simply need to remove it. Slowly pull out the debris from the vacuum, making sure to go slow so that if it is caught on something you don’t break the vacuum components. Additionally, if your have an issue with the brush roller like hair that is stopping it from spinning correctly, make sure to remove and clean the brush. If you are having issues cleaning or fixing a vacuum, consider bringing it to a vacuum repair specialist in your area for quick cleaning services.

Vacuum Repair In Plymouth

Here at Vacuum City we provide vacuum repair services. If you have questions about vacuum cleaners or would like a recommendation on a new vacuum for your home or apartment, please give us a call or visit us in person at our store in Plymouth.