Why Does My Vacuum Overheat?

Over time as you use your vacuum cleaner it can get damaged. There are a variety of common problems with vacuum cleaners from issues with the hoses to issues with the motor. While most vacuum cleaners are designed to prevent damage to the motors, some older models can get damaged, and motors can get damaged because of blockages. In this article, we will cover the causes of airflow problems in your vacuum as well as our recommendations on how to prevent damage to your vacuum cleaners. If you live in the Plymouth area and would like vacuum repairs, disinfecting or other vacuum services, please contact us: 

What Causes A Vacuum Motor To Fail?

Most vacuums rely on motors to pull in air and vacuum floors and carpets. In most models the motor is kept safe from harm to prevent damage to it. However, if your vacuum was damaged from a move, it is possible to damage the components of the motor. Aside from physically damaging the motor, however, there are other ways to cause your motor to fail. Most vacuums have an airflow system where the air that is used to suck in dirt and debris is also used to keep the motor cool. Lack of airflow can lead to the motor overheating. Failure to clean out filters, vacuum bags, and vacuuming up specific materials can lead to blockages in your vacuum cleaner. 

What Is a Thermal Cut Off In A Vacuum

Many vacuums have a heat-sensitive device in them that can automatically turn the vacuum cleaner off. These thermal cut-off units are designed to prevent damage to your vacuum by stopping the motor from overheating. If your vacuum shuts off frequently when you are using it, this is a sign that you have a blockage or other issue with your motor. 

How Do I Fix An Overheating Vacuum

There are three options when you have an issue with a vacuum. Repair it yourself, buy replacement parts, or buy a replacement vacuum. The first thing you should do if you have an overheating motor is try and diagnose the problem. If it is a blockage, you may need to take your vacuum apart and clear the airway. This can be a relatively simple fix and can save you some money. However, if the issue is the motor itself you will need to either buy a new motor or buy a new vacuum. Generally speaking, it is usually better to buy a new vacuum cleaner if you have had the current vacuum for a while. Much like with auto repair, there is a point where repairs and replacement part costs are not as good as an investment into a brand new vacuum. Even if repairs and replacement parts are less expensive, they are sometimes only short term solutions, especially for an older vacuum. 

Vacuum Repair Service In Plymouth

At Vacuum City in Plymouth we would be happy to help you fix or disinfect your vacuum cleaner. Additionally we sell vacuum parts and full vacuum cleaners. We sell both Bissell and Miele vacuums at our location in Plymouth. Give us a call today to learn more about our vacuum service center as well as our inventory.