What Vacuums Are Best For Pet Owners

Pets can create a lot of messes homeowners. From the obvious caused by accidents to the daily issues caused by dog/cat hair and dander. If you have a family member or friend that is allergic to cat or dog hair, it can be really hard to decrease the allergens in your home if you do not have the right equipment. In this article we will cover a few different factors in choosing the right vacuum as a pet owner. If you live on the Cape and are looking for a vacuum cleaner, give us a call. 

How To Clean Up Pet Hair With A Vacuum Cleaner

While one of the benefits of a vacuum cleaner is making your space look and smell cleaner, another big benefit is removing allergens and irritants from the air. Pets can often shed and leave hair all over your furniture, floors and carpets. Carpets and upholstered furniture are also have a higher chance of having pet hair and pet dander getting caught in the fabric. For this reason you want a vacuum with strong suction and with upholstery tools and attachments. Cleaning up pet requires a vacuum cleaner that is designed with brushes and attachments that can pull the hair out of the fabric or carpeting and into the vacuum. 


Another thing to consider is air filtering. Because one of the main allergens associated with pets is dander, you want to make sure you have a strong air filtering solution to keep the pet dander from leaving your vacuum cleaner and cycling through the air. Main top vacuum cleaner brands have vacuums that are recommended for pet owners. This usually mans that the vacuum combines powerful suction, fine brushes, and strong air filters to ensure that the hair is removed and the dander is trapped inside the vacuum. 

How To Handle Messes & Stains Caused by Pets

If your dog knocks over a cup of coffee or your cat pees on your rug, unfortunately a vacuum might not be the best solution. One option is to have carpets or furniture professionally steam cleaned. Another option is to get the equipment professional cleaners use like carpet extractors that use steam cleaning or other technology to lift stains out of carpets and furniture. Although it can be a bit expensive to get one of these machines. Your best bet is to rent them for a quick cleaning project. Here at Vacuum City we provide an extractor rental program for people living in the Massachusetts area. 

Buy A New Vacuum Cleaner On Cape Cod

If you live in the Cape Cod area and are looking for a new vacuum cleaner for your home or apartment or office building, give us a call. We would be happy to make recommendations on what carpet cleaning equipment is best for pet owners.