A good vacuum can make all the difference in the world when it comes to keeping a clean house. Pet hair, dust, crumbs, and other pesky particles that leave your floors and furniture dirty are no match for a strong vacuum. Vacuums require regular maintenance to stay in good condition. That’s not surprising when you think about all the messes they deal with! If your vacuum is suddenly not cleaning as well as it once did, there’s likely a simple explanation with an easy fix!

Cleaning Dirty Filters in Your Vacuum

Vacuums are equipped with filters. These filters work to remove any dust or debris from the air that the vacuum is sucking in. that way when the air is expelled back out into the room, it’s clean. A dirty filter will make it harder for your vacuum to work effectively. Poor airflow leads to poor suction and that means more dirt left behind after your vacuum. Check the instruction manual for your vacuum to learn where the filters are located and how to access them. Most newer vacuums feature filters that can be cleaned, dried, and reused. Older vacuums may have a filter that needs to be thrown away and replaced. Starting with a clean filter is the best way to set your vacuum up for success!

Handling Blockages In Your Vacuum

If the filter on your vacuum doesn’t seem to be the issue, a physical blockage could be to blame. It’s easy to identify where a blockage is by testing different areas of your vacuum individually. For instance, try using just the hose attachment. If the larger base of the vacuum is still vacuuming as normal but you can’t get a good suction from the hose attachment, there’s likely a blockage in the hose. If the hose works well but the base of the vacuum doesn’t, there’s likely a blockage only affecting that part of the vacuum.

Most blockages can be cleared by taking apart pieces of the vacuum so the area can be accessed. Remove the visible debris and then try again. If the blockage is cleared, you should have a vacuum that’s picking up dirt again!

How Do I Fix An Overheating Vacuum

Preventative maintenance is the best way to avoid an annoying vacuum mishap. Inspect, clean, and replace the filters on your vacuum as needed. Avoid vacuuming up items that could become stuck in the vacuum and cause a blockage. If you notice decreased performance from your vacuum, begin troubleshooting the problem right away.


Contact Vacuum City today to speak with a professional about proper vacuum maintenance, vacuum performance, or upgrading your existing vacuum to a new vacuum. Vacuum maintenance services are available to keep your vacuum in tip-top shape without doing any of the work yourself!