Here at Vacuum City we provide a variety of great vacuum products and services to homeowners and business owners in Plymouth and beyond. As vacuum providers, we often meet people who ask how often they should be vacuuming and how to better take care of their cleaning equipment. One thing that might surprise many homeowners, is that the recommendation for how often you should clean your home might differ based on a variety of factors. The type of cleaning equipment you have, the flooring you have, and the number of people (and pets) that live in your home can greatly impact how often you should be vacuuming. In this article we will cover a few of those factors as well as some recommendations on cleaning products and practices. 

Why Should You Vacuum Routinely

One thing to address first is the importance of vacuuming on a regular basis. Many people might feel tempted to only vacuum or clean when they have guests coming over. But vacuuming/cleaning regularly can have many benfits. Not only can it make things look better, but regular cleaning can get rid of bad smells, improve air quality, increase the lifespan of your flooring and carpets, and make it easier to clean quickly when guests are coming over. But how often should you clean your floors, and what factors should you consider when cleaning.

How Foot Traffic Influences Carpet Cleaning

For businesses like hotels, office buildings, or apartment complexes, you might need to vacuum main rooms on a daily basis. This is because foot traffic can have a large impact on how quickly areas of your building get dirty. This is especially true in areas like the northeast where falling leaves, snow, and road salt can all get easily tracked into properties. If you do not have good entrance matting, any entrance is likely to get very dirty after a few people have come inside. However, if you are a homeowner you might only need to clean entrances and other rooms on a weekly basis or a bi-weekly basis. Consider how many people come into your home, whether or not people take their shoes off at the entrance, and whether or not you have any indoor pets. These factors will all determine how quickly floors and carpets get dirty. Areas of your home that are not walked on as often like bedrooms might not need to be cleaned as often as family rooms and hallways. 

Carpet vs Hardwood Flooring

The type of floors you have can also impact how often you need to clean your home. Carpets can trap dust, dirt, and other debris much easier than tile or hardwood. This can lead to stains or bad smells staying in your home for a long period of time. Plus, when dirt or debris gets inside a carpet, every time you step on the carpet the fibers will have friction that can lead to tearing in the future. Vacuuming dirt and food out of your carpets quickly and getting your carpets cleaned with an extractor can prevent your carpets for getting damaged. 

Using the Right Cleaning Equipment

Using the right carpet cleaning equipment can go a long way in decreasing how long it takes to clean and how often you need to clean. Choosing a powerful vacuum can help get dirt that is packed deeply into carpets. If you have carpets you should look for a vacuum with strong suction that is designed for cleaning carpets as well as floors. Many vacuums are also specifically made for pet owners to help clean-up fur and hair from your floors and carpets. 

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