How Often Should You Vacuum Different Rooms in Your Home?

As far as chores go, cleaning can be a bit complicated to schedule. For some people, cleaning ends up being an ad hoc activity that takes a full day to complete. There are many reasons you should work on getting your cleaning schedule into a routine. Not only will you and your family enjoy a cleaner home, but it is better for air quality, your floors, and your carpets to remove debris. Part of the reason a “deep clean” takes so long is because routine cleanings aren’t happening as often as they should. In this article, we will discuss how to schedule cleaning based on floor types, room types, and other key factors. 

What Rooms Need To Be Vacuumed More Frequently?

There are two ways to consider which rooms should be vacuumed more often. You can look at this aesthetically or functionally. Aesthetically, you might want to focus on cleaning the rooms that are shared and more likely to be seen by guests. For example, many homeowners will invite guests to the first floor of their property but kindly request that guests don’t go upstairs. Since most people’s bedrooms are on upper levels, this allows for both increased privacy and takes some pressure off when cleaning before an upcoming event at your home. In this case you might focus on sitting rooms and other rooms on that first floor. 


But what about functional cleaning? Functional cleaning is considering the purpose of each room and how the room is used. Kitchens and dining rooms should be cleaned more frequently because food crumbs attract pests, leave odors, and cause stains. Bedrooms should be cleaned frequently because we spend a significant portion of time in the bedroom. Entryways and exits should also be cleaned frequently because they have the most outdoor debris. Additionally, you want to clean rooms where pets or children have access both to handle the messes they create but also because it will help keep them healthy. 

How Often Do I Need To Vacuum?

Floors should be vacuumed at least once per week. And rooms that are high traffic or have specific messes should be cleaned 2-3 times per week. For example; your kitchen, dining room, and living room if you eat food there should all be cleaned 2-3 times each week. It is the best way to prevent food particles from attracting pests or staining your carpets and floors. It is common to have movie nights in a living room, which means food debris can frequently end up in carpets and couches. You want to make sure that is cleaned regularly to prevent messes from causing odors or from damaging your furniture and carpets. And of course, if you and your kids are bringing food to bedrooms, you might need to consider increasing how frequently you clean those rooms as well. 

What Floors Need To Be Vacuumed More Frequently?

Floor type doesn’t necessarily mean you need to vacuum more frequently, but it might change how you clean. For example tile floors will need to be specially cleaned to address issues with grout. Carpets should also be cleaned with the right vacuum to make sure that dirt and debris that is deep in-between the carpet fibers is sucked up and removed. 

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