How To Pick The Perfect Vacuum For Your Home

If you are looking to get a new vacuum cleaner for your home, it is important to consider your options. There are many different vacuum cleaners with a variety of pros and cons. Obviously, you will want to get a vacuum that is a good investment and will last for years. But, aside from that there are many different factors to consider when shopping for vacuum cleaner in-person or online. In this article we will cover the main factors you should consider when getting a vacuum. If you are in the Plymouth area give us a call to discuss our inventory of vacuum cleaners.

Considering The Different Types Of Vacuums

  • Walk-Behind Vacuums: One of the most common types of vacuum cleaners is an upright walk-behind vacuum. One of the drawbacks of a vacuum like this is its manueverability. A large vacuum like this might be heavy and might not fit under or around furniture easily. However, many vacuum brands have lightweight models, and these vacuums are also often more powerful. 
  • Canister Vacuums: A canister vacuum is a vacuum where the area that collects the dirt and debris and houses the motor is attached to the vacuum head through a long hose. This allows the canister to be pulled around throughout a room and provides more maneuverability throughout the home. However that hose can get stepped on or damaged if not stored properly.  
  • Battery-Powered Vacuums: Another thing to consider is whether you want to work with a battery-powered vacuum or a vacuum that plugs into a wall. Battery-powered vacuums provide much more freedom of movement since you are not connected to an outlet and you don’t have to worry about tripping over a cord or coiling the cord after use. However, battery-powered vacuums can lose their charge and also need replacement batteries over long periods of time.

Consider Attachments & Cleaning Paths

The next thing you want to consider when getting a vacuum is its attachments and the cleaning paths. Vacuum cleaners with larger cleaning paths can clean a large area quickly but often have issues cleaning around or under furniture. That being said, attachments can greatly improve the utility of your vacuum cleaner. Different tools can help you clean tight spaces as well as clean furniture. 

Buy A New Vacuum On Cape Cod

If you live in the Plymouth area and are looking to get a new vacuum cleaner, we recommend giving us a call or visiting our location in Plymouth. We would be happy to discuss the various vacuums we have for sale.