A Guide To Buying a Miele Vacuum

A Miele vacuum cleaner is one of the top choices for apartment renters and homeowners. Miele, like Bissell, makes great vacuum cleaners that make it easy to clean around your home. That being said, there are a few options to choose from when looking for a vacuum cleaner. In this guide, we will discuss some of the key factors when choosing either a Miele vacuum or a different vacuum. If you live in the Plymouth area, you can always come to Vacuum City to see vacuums or browse a few of our vacuums on our website.

Upright vs Canister Vacuums

Miele makes both upright and canister style vacuums. An upright vacuums is a standing vacuum where the motor is built into the part of the vacuum you will be moving around. Upright vacuums are sometimes harder to maneuver because of this. You are moving the entire vacuum all at once. By comparison a canister vacuum has a wand that is connected to a canister. Both Miele’s canister and upright vacuums have similar great suction and cleaning capabilities. Canister vacuums are often recommended for homeowners that have large carpeted areas or need extra maneuverability underneath furniture. 

Consider Carpet Tools For Your Miele Vacuum

Another thing to consider is the surfaces you will be vacuuming. Different vacuums and different tools and attachments for cleaning carpets. Depending on the types of carpets you have in your home you should consider which vacuums are going to work best for cleaning your carpets. Thicker carpets are going to need additional suction to get dirt and debris that is between the carpet fibers. If you have pets you will definetly want a vacuum that can easily clean up pet hair.

Miele Vacuum Cleaners For Pet Owners

Speaking of pets, if you have indoor cats and dogs, you will want a vacuum that can clean up their shedded fur. Pet owners often need to vacuum more often than homeowners that do not have pets. Miele has products like the Classic C1 Cat & Dog PowerLine that are especially designed for handling cleaning projects for pet owners. Like many vacuum brands, Miele understands that cleaning up pet hair is frankly different from cleaning up dirt and dust. 

Learn More About Miele Vacuums

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Classic C1 Turbo Team

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Classic C1 Cat & Dog PowerLine

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