Vacuum Repair Services in Bridgewater, MA

Full Service Vacuum Repair in Bridgewater MA

With our main location in Plymouth, we work with residents throughout Plymouth County tor provide vacuum repairs, new vacuums, extractors and more. For more information about our services, please read below, visit our location in person, or give our team a call by calling us at (508) 746-0721.

Buy Bissell/Miele Vacuum Cleaners in Bridgewater Massachusetts

Looking to get a new vacuum cleaner for your home, apartment, or small business? We would be more than happy to provide recommendations on vacuum cleaners. We sell vacuums here at our location in Plymouth. You can give us a call, or visit us in person to learn more about our vacuums for sale, and get recommendations on vacuum cleaners.

Get Replacement Parts & Attachments For Your Vacuum Cleaners

If you have a vacuum cleaner from Bissell or Miele and need replacement parts like hoses, screws, handles, or brushes, we can provide them to you. You shouldn't have to pay for a brand new vacuum if the damage to your vacuum cleaner is minor. Additionally, if you need cleaning solution, vacuum bags, or other accessories for your vacuum, we can help as well.

Vacuum Service & Repairs in Bridgewater

If you have a vacuum cleaner that has been damaged or is showing signs of wear and tear we can help. Whether you simple want the replacement parts to handle the repairs yourself, or you need a hand with the repairs, we can help. Our team vacuum cleaner experts can take your vacuum and provide repairs by replacing motors, brushes, and other damaged elements. For more information, come visit our shop or give us a call.

REnt Power Extractors in Bridgewater Massachusetts

Power extractors like the BG10 extractor are one of the best ways to deep clean a carpet or clean upholstered furniture. They can quickly and effectively pull up dirt, stains, and other debris from deep in your carpet or furniture. They are a great alternative to hiring a professional carpet cleaning company and can get a lot more done than what you can do with just a vacuum. That being said, owning a BG10 or other extractor might not make sense for every homeowner. That is why we provide daily rental rates for extractors. Give us a call and we can discuss loaning one of our extractors as well as providing you with how to content for your extractor.

Buy Bissell Commercial Products Online

If you are interested in shopping for Bissell Products online, consider clicking below to see our commercial cleaning equipment for sale on our sister site. Bissell BigGreen Commercial sells more than jut vacuum cleaners, we sell floor machines, extractors, sweepers, floor scrubbers, cleaning solutions, and more. And if you need replacement parts for any Bissell commercial cleaning equipment we sell, we can sell you the parts/attachments you need.

Buy Bissell & Miele Vacuum Cleaners in Bridgewater MA

If you live in the Bridgewater area and are interested in getting Miele or Bissell vacuums for your home, apartment, or business, we can help. Click below to see some featured vacuums we have at our location at Vacuum City, or give us a call or visit our location in person to learn more about vacuum cleaners for sale.