Vacuum Repair Services in Hanson, MA

Full Service Vacuum Repair in Hanson MA

Our location in Plymouth provides vacuum repair, disinfection, and cleaning services. If you have an older vacuum cleaner that needs to be fixed, we would be happy to help. It is always great to extend the life of your vacuum cleaner when possible. That being said, we also provide a variety of other services including selling vacuums & their parts as well as equipment rental services. 

Buy Bissell/Miele Vacuum Cleaners in Hanson Massachusetts

While it is great to extend the life of your vacuum whenever possible, at a certain point it is time to retire an old vacuum and get a replacement. We carry both Bissell and Miele vacuums at Vacuum City. At our location in Plymouth, you can browse vacuums, and we can provide recommendations based on your needs.

Get Replacement Parts & Attachments For Your Vacuum Cleaners

We have replacement parts, bags, and cleaning formulas for a variety of different vacuum cleaners. If you have a Bissell vacuum for instance and need another vacuum bag or need a replacement brush or attachment, we can check our inventory for you. If you have any questions about our inventory, give us a call.

Vacuum Service & Repairs in Hanson

If you have a vacuum cleaner that has been damaged or is showing signs of wear and tear we can help. Whether you simple want the replacement parts to handle the repairs yourself, or you need a hand with the repairs, we can help. Our team vacuum cleaner experts can take your vacuum and provide repairs by replacing motors, brushes, and other damaged elements. For more information, come visit our shop or give us a call.

REnt Power Extractors in Hanson Massachusetts

While vacuuming your carpets can clean debris of the surface, stains and debris are often packed deep into carpets. A power extractor like the BG10 can use cleaning formula and powerful suction to deep clean carpets and clean up stains. Plus with the upholstery tool, you can also clean stains out of furniture. That said, many homeowners are not interested in buying a BG10 or other power extractor. That is why we provide a rental program throughout the Plymouth area. If you are looking to rent a power extractor temporarily, give us a call.

Buy Bissell Commercial Products Online

On our sister site, you can browse and purchase Bissell Commercial cleaning products online and have them shipped to you anywhere nationally. Whether you need a new vacuum or you are looking for a specific part, attachment, or product like a vacuum bag or cleaning formula, you can find them on our website.

Buy Bissell & Miele Vacuum Cleaners in Hanson MA

If you live in Hanson or the surrounding area and need a new vacuum, need vacuum repairs, or are looking to rent some larger cleaning equipment like a carpet extractor, we can help. Give us a call or come to our location in Plymouth and we can discuss what you need. Our team would be happy to help you with your vacuum cleaner needs.