What Do I Do If My Vacuum Stops Working?

If you are vacuuming around your home or apartment and suddenly the vacuum stops working, you might not immediately know what is causing the problem. In this article, we will cover a few of the common causes that might make your vacuum cleaner break down. If you have any questions about your specific vacuum cleaner, or would like to get your vacuum professionally repaired, give us a call or contact us to request vacuum repair/cleaning services. Our team in Plymouth would be happy to help with your vacuum cleaner repairs. 

Why Won't My Vacuum Cleaner Turn On?

First things first, if your vacuum won’t turn on there could be a few reasons. Make sure to check the following. 

  • Is It Plugged In: This seems obvious, but you might be surprised how often someone doesn’t notice that the vacuum has become unplugged while they are moving around their home or apartment. Sometimes a quick pull can dislodge the plug from the wall. 
  • Test The Switch With A Multimeter or Ohmmeter: If you own an ohmmeter, multimeter, or another circuit checker, you can use it to make sure that power is actually getting to the motor. If the motor isn’t getting power it could be a wiring problem. 
  • Is The Motor Broken: If the motor is getting power but it isn’t moving, this is a sign that you might need to get the motor replaced. If the motor is turning but the vacuum is not working that might be a sign that the motor needs to be replaced. At this point you will want to decide between replacing your vacuum or giving a local vacuum cleaner company a call for repairs. 

Why Won't My Vacuum Won't Stay On?

Another common problem for vacuum cleaners is that they turn on but then turn off while you are cleaning. Once again, as long as we aren’t talking about a plug that is falling out of an outlet, or a faulty outlet, it is likely an issue with the vacuum. Your vacuum is likely overheating. Unplug the vacuum, wait a bit (check your owner’s manual for more information on how long to wait), and then check the vacuum for any obstructions that might be causing it to overheat. If it continues dying while you are using it could be a thermal fuse that needs replacement. Like with a fusebox, thermal fuses force a shutdown when they detect high temperatures, but in some cases, the fuse can be faulty. Your local vacuum repair shop likely has replacement thermal fuses. 

Why Doesn't My Vacuum Suck Anymore?

A vacuum that doesn’t suck really sucks. Sorry for the pun. But it can be quite frustrating when it feels like your vacuum isn’t working the way it used to. Here are a few things to look for. 

  • Empty The Bag/Canister: This goes without saying but we have to do our due diligence. If you haven’t emptied your vacuum in a while, make sure it is empty. 
  • Check The Height Setting: If your vacuum has a height setting to account for carpets vs floors make sure it is set correctly for the surface you are vacuuming. Deep carpet settings will not work well on a tile or hardwood floor.
  • Check The Brush Roll: If your vacuum has a brush roll it may not be spinning due to entanglement caused by hair. If you have pets or you have been vacuuming for a while, your hair might have clogged up the vacuum brush roll just like it does a drain. Clear the hair and see if the brush roll starts spinning again. 
  • Check The Hose: Look for any air leaks in your vacuum hoses that might be causing suck issues. Additionally, look for any clogs inside your hoses that might be affecting air pressure. 

Vacuum Repair/Replacement Services in Plymouth

If you have questions about vacuum repair, or want to discuss vacuum repair in the Plymouth or Cape Cod area, please give us a call. We provide repairs, cleaning, replacement parts, and new vacuums. Whatever you need, we would be happy to help. For more information please give us a call or request service for your vacuum cleaner.