What Do You Do When Your Vacuum Stops Working?

If you have ever been cleaning and noticed an issue with your vacuum like it won’t turn on, it won’t stay on, or it isn’t cleaning effectively, the issue could be with your vacuum cleaner, or with your electrical system. In this article we will cover the various ways you can troubleshoot what is wrong with your vacuum. If you live in the Plymouth area and need to have your vacuum professionally repaired or replaced, we can help. Give us a call or come down to our location in Plymouth. 

Why Won't My Vacuum Start?

If your vacuum doesn’t start there are a few things to consider. First is the source of power. If you have a wired vacuum, you should investigate the outlet you are plugging it into. Try switching outlets to see if it is the vacuum cleaner or the specific plug you were using. If the vacuum doesn’t turn on after being plugged into multiple outlets, this could be a sign that there is an issue with the vacuum cleaner. If you have a battery powered vacuum it may be an issue with the recharging station, the plug that your charger is plugged into, or the battery. You can try and move the charger to a different outlet and make sure to check if the battery is charging. Rechargeable batteries eventually lose their ability to be charged over time. If your vacuum is not turning on it could be an issue with the wiring or the motor, and you should contact a local vacuum repair team to help. 

Why Won't My Vacuum Stay On?

If your vacuum turns on but then turns off there are a few reasons this could be the case. The most common reason that a vacuum turns off while you are using it is that there is an issue with over heating. When a vacuum overheats, often due to obstructions inside the vacuum, a failsafe activates to turn off the vacuum cleaner before it gets excessively hot. You should turn off the vacuum, let it cool off, and then check for obstructions that might be causing this. If this continues to happen, you may want to hire a vacuum repair shop to take a more in-depth look at what may be causing the overheat. 

Why Doesn't My Vacuum Clean Anymore?

If your vacuum is running but you notice that it is no longer effectively cleaning your space, it could be for a variety of factors. First and foremost you will want to make sure the bag or canister is fully empty. If your height settings are incorrect this could also effect your vacuums ability to clean effectively. Beyond that you should do a quick inspection of your hoses and brushes to see if there are air leaks or issues with the brush bristles. 

Vacuum Repair In Plymouth

Here at Vacuum City we provide vacuum repair services. If you have questions about vacuum cleaners or would like a recommendation on a new vacuum for your home or apartment, please give us a call or visit us in person at our store in Plymouth.