What Is The Best Way To Vacuum Your Home?

As a company that specializes in selling vacuum cleaners, repairing vacuums, and replacing vacuum parts, we spend a lot of time thinking about vacuuming. There are a few things you can do to make your vacuuming more efficient. In this guide we will cover a few tips on how to vacuum faster and get done with cleaning quickly and effectively. One of the best things to do is make sure that your vacuum is in good condition or get a new vacuum. If you need a new vacuum or vacuum repairs give us a call. 

Vacuum In Rows For A More Efficient Cleaning Time

Another way to waste time when vacuuming is vacuuming the same areas over and over again. A smart way to vacuum is to vacuum in organized rows similar to how you would cut the grass. Go up one side and go back the other side with the exactly one vacuum width to the side. That said, depending on your vacuum and the surface you are vacuuming you should consider backing forward and backwards. By cleaning forward and backward especially on carpets you can make sure you pick up all of the dirt and dust. Another thing to consider is the power of your vacuum. A brand new vacuum with a strong motor is likely to pick up more dirt and debris in a single pass compared to an older vacuum or a vacuum that has issues with it’s filter. 

Always Clean Top To Bottom

When cleaning any room, you should always follow the top to bottom rule. Always clean starting with the higher surfaces first. Dusting first ensures that all of the dust and dirt is on your floors before you start vacuuming. If you vacuum first and then clean counters, bookcases, and other areas of your home, you will likely need to vacuum again because dirt and dust will get back on the floor. 

Get Your Vacuum Cleaner Repaired or Buy a Vacuum in Plymouth

One thing that greatly affects how your vacuum cleaning is your vacuum itself. If it is an older vacuum or it is damaged that will affect how you clean. If you have a broken vacuum and need repairs or you are looking to get a new vacuum for your home or business, give us a call.