Why Won’t My Vacuum Turn On or Stay On?

Nothing is more frustrating than deciding it is time to do some spring cleaning and realizing your vacuum cleaner isn’t working. It can be an angering experience knowing that your vacuum cleaner just isn’t up to the task, and it can be more frustrating still when you know that you invested a lot of money into a good vacuum cleaner. But before you throw the vacuum out or head to a vacuum repair specialist like our team in Plymouth MA, you should consider if there are any quick and easy solutions you can do at home. Here are a few things to check before you start looking for either a new vacuum cleaner or a repair service. That said if you need either of those and live in Plymouth County, please give us a call! 

First Things First: Is It Actually The Vacuum?

Before you start troubleshooting the vacuum you should troubleshoot your outlets and home first. Try and plug in the vacuum cleaner to different outlets in your home to confirm that the vacuum cleaner is the problem. If the vacuum is turning on and then tripping the fuse or breaker, it might still be the electrical system and not the vacuum itself. 

Check For Clogs or Blocks In The Vacuum

Vacuum cleaners are often designed to turn themselves off if they hit a thermal cut-off point. Basically, if the machine is starting to overheat, there is an automatic system in place to prevent damage to your vacuum or other issues. The most common cause of overheating is blockage. Check the hoses, the filters, and throughout the vacuum, and clean out any blockages or clogs. Vacuums will likely also have a recommended cooldown time to ensure that the vacuum won’t overheat. You will need to wait for that time before you turn the vacuum back on. 

Check the Cord and On/Off Switch

Another possible reason a vacuum is not turning on or staying on is that there is either an issue with the power cord or with the on/off switch. If this is the case, a vacuum repair shop might have a replacement cord or on/off switch and can help you get it replaced or walk you through the replacement process. 

Issues With the Motor

Of course, one of the main reasons a vacuum cleaner won’t work is that the motor has issues. Motors can fail due to general wear and tear or from consistently blocking filters. If a motor fails it will need to be replaced. You can contact a vacuum repair shop for a replacement motor and get help with the replacement process. 

Vacuum Repair Services in Plymouth

If you live on the Cape or in the Plymouth area and need vacuum repair services for Bissell and Miele vacuums, we can help. We sell new vacuums, vacuum parts, and provide repair services. Give us a call for more information.